AccuTech Sprayer


The Columbia AccuTech Sprayer is the newest addition to the Columbia line of sprayers. Built like a tank with a new 3pt constant velocity hitch, "that stops bearing end thrust", and spray control monitor standard. This machine eliminates calibration error. AccuTech's 50 micron droplet size provides superior coverage over conventional air blast sprayers, giving you the confidence to reduce your present chemical rate, increase the speed of the application and maintain or increase control. Combine these aspects with an unmatched agitation system, and no plugging stainless steel air shear nozzles and you may have the most rugged grower friendly sprayer made. AccuTech is available with orchard tower and a patent pending charged particle system.


How it differs from the other low volume or conventional machines:

  1. The front driveline is patterned after a proven C.V. Hitch, with 3pt. hookup. Blueline redesigned it to accommodate standard parts, and we increased the bearing surface on the backside of the hitch ring. We believe it to be a far superior way to transfer power to the fan from the tractor. This driveline will not cause end thrust on the bearings of either sprayer or tractor. This is a big improvement over a standard driveline machine, and does not have the maintenance problem or power loss that is common with a dual gearbox system that another manufacturer promotes.
  2. AccuTech Sprayer uses a round stainless steel tank with a 4B finish that is held by stainless steel straps, to a frame that runs the total length of the tank on both sides. This allows any flex that occurs on an orchard sprayer to take place without causing bolts to pull out of fiberglass or ridged welded tanks to crack and break. It also provides more support than a simple tank saddle frame.
  3. Our sprayer uses a Hypro, low-pressure, high volume pump. Having the seal always running in water extends the life of the pump seal dramatically over the other machines which will burn the seal quickly if ran dry. The low-pressure pump system takes less horse power, and will out last a conventional high pressure system.
  4. In order for a hydraulic agitation system to work properly, it must have the equivalent of no less than 100 gallons of flow per minute. Our round stainless steel tank rolls with the pump returning 80 gallons per minute back to the tank. Inside the tank, mounted on the sparger tube are 4 high-volume Hypro jet agitators. Until the last 30 gallons of tank mix is reached, they effectively increase the flow output by 5.5 times, or agitation of over 400 gallons per minute. This kind of adjustable agitation is of great importance in the suspension of high concentrate solutions. At the same time, the design allows for less or no foaming problems at or near the end of the tank. As the chemical level goes below the jet agitators, the effective output drops back to the 80 gallons per minute, for the remainder of the tank. The sump running from the middle, clear to the rear of the machine insures that the pump will empty the chemical solution in the tank even on hilly ground. Another feature of Blueline's forward thinking engineering of the machine is the way the tank fills. The optional sparger tube is designed with an outside valve and cam lock fitting. This allows the sprayer to fill with the tractor and sprayer both off. At the same time it will provide unmatched tank agitation without running any solution through the pump. This eliminates the need for any strainer basket or premix bin, and adds to the operator's safety by doing away with the "hose jumping out of the lid syndrome." Mechanical agitation that has a paddle mounted on a shaft, that rotates, has several problems. 1st - It does a poor job of agitation. This becomes very apparent as rates per acre decrease, and concentration of tank mixes increases. 2nd - as the chemical level drops to the level of the paddles, the slapping motion of the paddle incorporates air into the mix. This causes foaming, loss of calibration accuracy, and pump wear. With mechanical agitation, a fill basket or premix bin is a must. Finally the shaft bearings and seals of a conventional machine are a constant source of maintenance.
  5. The rate per acre is controlled by the time tested and proven, Raven 330 spray monitor. "The Raven 440 with GPS capability is optional." No other method of orchard sprayer calibration can come even close to the AccuTech's chemical flow control system. Up hills or down hills, even a modest change of tractor gear selection, can not stop this sprayer from delivering your preprogrammed application rate. The monitor can tell the operator his speed, flow rate, and gallons of chemical remaining in the tank. This stops the antiquated practice and expense of calibrating for row width, tractor speed and gals. Per. acre and replacing worn nozzle discs. In using stainless steel, on-off electric, control valves, AccuTech has not cut any corners in its design, and will insure greater reliability through out the machine.
  6. The air volute is designed to achieve better air distribution, by increasing the volume of air delivered to the center on the tree canopy. The underside of the machine is fully shielded to protect drive belts and minimizes trash entering the fan. Chemical plumbing has been kept simple, and is easily accessible.
  7. Air shear nozzles made from high grade stainless steel, and designed without a middle obstruction are an improvement over the competitions brass or plastic nozzles. Air shear nozzles allow you to deposit more material on the leaf surface or target area, without spray damage caused by "drip-wet" method of a conventional system. Refer to the last page illustrating the difference in droplet size. This system also removes the plugging, loss of calibration, and cost of replacing worn disc and nozzles associated with high pressure conventional machines.
  8. Stainless steel fan blower housing, double roller Timken bearings on the fan shaft, and double sided fan again show Blueline's commitment to build a sprayer that will stand-up to the corporate farm environment.
  9. AccuTech has two orchard towers available as options, and two fan sizes.  
  10. The AccuTech was designed to incorporate the positive aspects of all known and available technology, and at the same time, eliminating known problems associated with orchard chemical application. Being located and manufactured on the west coast, keeps Blueline in close contact with growers and their concerns.


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