Rakes are all built out of iron section stamped plate and thick-  sectioned tubing; all bolts are made of steel and springs of       

carbon steel, utmost care being given to all construction details.

As already mentioned, the rake incorporates all safety features

prescribed by law and international standards.

This ensures that the tool is  particularly sturdy and impact

resistant.     Notwithstanding     these     indisputable     structural

advantages, when coupled to the three-point hitch of the tractor,

the rake should always be lowered and raised with the utmost

care in order to avoid any accidental damage.

Rake structure is extremely simple. The frame, which includes a

three-point hitch, two arms and an adjusting track rod, supports

the rotating part of the rake. The latter comprises the reduction

gear, the small arms, the circle and a support axle with castors

which is also used to adjust the working height of the tool.

The reduction unit comprises a grease-lubricated crown wheel

and pinion (ratio 1:7), which transmits the rotating motion to the

circle, a earn and eight link rods in oil bath.

The latter make the small arms perform a semi-circular motion

thus permitting the springs to pick up and to dump the prunnings

and cuttings upon each revolution of the circle.

Operation  is also extremely simple. Actuation of the tractor

power-takeoff transmits the motion to the drive shaft(s) which in

turn transmit it to the pinion of the reduction unit. The pinion

then sets the crown wheel and the lower body of the reduction

unit in motion which sets the circle rotating, While they are small arms,

and consequently the springs, are set in motion by the cam.

The springs thus rake the ground, picking up the cuttings and

prunnings at the beginning of each revolution and dumping them

short before its completion.

When the rake touches a plant, it moves inwards away from the

plant overcoming  the  resistance  of a spring  located  in  the

adjusting track rod and then automatically returns to its working


The  plant is further protected  by the  rubber part of plant protection.


The tractor moves down the middle of the row and the rake,

shifted to the right in its working position, gathers the trimmings,

twigs and leaves, heaping them in the center.

In case of the rake coming into contact with- a plant, it moves

inwards overcoming the resistance of a spring located in the

adjusting lift link. Having passed the plant, the rake moves back

to its working position,

Scratching of the bark by the circle is further prevented by means

of a mechanical plant protection.


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