It's Spring Time:  Time to rake up brush and mow. 


Check your screens and nozzles.  With Brass and H.S.S. nozzles, a little wear can cost a lot of money in spray material.

Of course with a Blueline Accutech Sprayer that would not be a problem because of the Raven Rate Control System.

Be sure and check wheel bearings and air pressure in sprayer tires.  Check gear box oil levels. "DO NOT" trust the sight windows on the gear boxes, they can be obscured with oil film and look full.  CAREFULLY loosen and see if oil comes out.  Check your owners manuals for the correct type of oil to use.  It's a good idea when doing your winter service that you change the oil in the gear boxes every 2 or 3 years.  Look at the fan housing and make sure there are no rub marks around the circumference of the housing, if there is STOP and determine the cause.

Remember when spraying in the early spring to either drain or put your sprayer inside at night to prevent freezing of the pump or valves.

With Rotary Brush Rakes, Leave some sway in the lift arms so if the rake "BUMPS" the trees it can slide latterly.

When mowing or raking brush avoid use of QD Pins on 3 Point Linkage.  If you can put bolts with self locking nuts or double nut them this will keep arms on pins and save you time and money.

If you are tired of flats and "DO NOT" have calcium in your tires we have a product that we can put in your tires called: "Fiberseal" that will greatly reduce the amount of flats that you have.  This will work in Tractors, 4 Wheelers and anything with pheumatic tires.  We can pump this in or we have it available in 5 gallon pails with a pump so that you can do it yourself.  If you have calcium in your tires and they are tubeless you can just "Plug Them."


As the long days of summer are upon us we are looking at getting ready for harvest. With mowing, spraying and thinning winding down and cherry harvest about done it is difficult to keep up with normal maintenance.

Have tractor operators check oil levels daily in the engine and transmission.  Check the radiator and side screens for leaves and debris, check coolant level with the engine "COLD".  Make sure the fan belts are tight and in good shape.

On mowers be sure to grease as required and check the gear box oil levels.  Try to keep mowers set up so that the skid shoes are not dragging and the weight is held on the front by the tractor and roller or wheels on the rear.  Raise the mower up and "BLOCK" up.  Look for twine or materials that may be wrapped around the spindle.

On sprayers make sure the filters are kept clean.  Clean any debris found around the fan and fan housing.  Plastic sacks and garbage can be sucked up by the sprayer, this will cause catastrophic fan failure if it gets into the fan.

WARNING:  Be sure to check to make sure you do not suck up the cloth used in the orchard between the rows.  This causes extensive damage to the sprayer.  The cloth gets caught in the fan and if not caught in time takes out the gear box.  This can be very costly.

With apple harvest around the corner check the air pressure in tractor tires and bin trailers.


As Harvest has wound down take a minute to drain and winterize your Sprayers and Weed Sprayers.  Use RV Anti-Freeze in your tank and pump through even if you're going to put a Fall Spray on.  It is less expensive to prepair for the cold snap than to replace frozen and cracked pumps or lines.

Check the Anti-Freeze in your tractors and in wet sleeved engines J.D., check the Coolants PH to help prevent cavitation which results in holes in the cylinder walls.

Look at gearboxs and transmission fluids and see if they are clear, if they are milky or discolored it can mean that water is mixed in with the oils.  Over winter water will settle out and "FREEZE" causing damage

Give Brent a call to get your Equipment in our shop and get ready for next season.



It's Cold Outside

You probably still have fuel from this past summer in your diesel tanks.  Be sure and put some cold fuel additive such as "Power Service" or "Rescue 911" to prevent fuel jelling in your snow plow tractor.  Allow extra time to warm up your tractor, plug it in if you can and only spray ether in the engine when you are cranking it over.  If you have "Glow Plugs"


If your tractor is outside and is not under cover it helps to put a tarp over the seat and shift levers to keep the snow off.  This can keep water from leaking into the transmission from the gear shift boots or vents.  Make sure the battery cranks the engine over normally.  If it cranks slow, this can burn up the starter.  Try to run long enough to allow the alternator to charge the battery back up especially if you run the lights.

This is also the time to get your Equipment ready for all the "Spring Work"  you have coming up.


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